Bodhi Infusion Pricing Structure

At Bodhi Infusion Center, we’re committed to providing transformative care through our specialized ketamine and vitamin infusion therapies. Our pricing reflects our dedication to offering accessible, high-quality treatment options tailored to individual needs, ensuring a path to wellness for every patient. Explore our structured approach to mental health and pain management treatments designed with your journey in mind.
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Mental health services for fire fighters

Veterans and First Responders Save 20%

At Bodhi Infusion Center, we are acutely aware of the considerable stress and distinctive challenges experienced by military personnel and first responders. The mental health repercussions of these demanding professions can be substantial, affecting everyday life and general well-being. 

Consequently, we focus on delivering specialized care and support tailored to first responders and veterans, ensuring they receive the necessary assistance and treatment. Our compassionate team is committed to providing a safe, therapeutic environment where these courageous individuals can find relief, restore balance, and enhance their mental health.


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Ketamine Infusions for Mental Health

  • Price: $400 per session
  • Initial Series: Six 40-minute sessions over two weeks
  • Maintenance Infusions: Recommended every 3-6 weeks to maintain and enhance benefits
  • Approach: Personalized to each individual’s needs for mental wellness
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Ketamine Infusions for Chronic Pain

  • Price: $1200 per session
  • Initial Series: Three sessions within one week
  • Maintenance Infusions: Typically every 1-3 months, tailored to individual needs
  • Goal: Provide lasting relief and improve quality of life through targeted treatments

Financing Your Path to Wellness

At Bodhi Infusion Center, we understand that access to comprehensive care is crucial for your healing journey. That’s why we’re proud to accept the Advance Care Card as a financing option for our treatment options. The Advance Care Card provides an accessible way to manage the cost of treatments not covered by insurance, featuring low-interest rates and interest-free periods of up to 14 months. This collaboration ensures that financial barriers don’t hinder your path to improved mental health and pain management. Discover more about how you can benefit from Advance Care financing on your journey with us.

Embark on Your Journey with Bodhi Infusion Center

Choosing Bodhi Infusion Center means selecting a partner committed to your journey toward wellness. Our pricing and policies are designed to reflect our dedication to your care, with each aspect tailored to support your healing and recovery. Discover a renewed sense of wellness and empowerment with us.
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