Osmind for Ketamine Patients

At Bodhi Infusion Center, we are working with Osmind to help you feel better.

The Osmind platform helps us improve how you feel, makes your experience with our clinic better, and provides additional support for you.

Getting Started

To get started, download the mobile app from the necessary app store below. After you download the app, make an account and connect it to our clinic during registration. You’re all set! Begin feeling better…

Why does this app help patients feel better?

The Osmind Care Platform enables us to practice measurement-based care. Measurement-based care is an evidence-based practice that involves the systematic evaluation of your progress throughout a treatment, including systematic administration of symptom rating scales, which helps drive clinical decision-making in a personalized manner. This approach has been shown through many studies to improve clinical outcomes and help patients get better faster.

By using the Osmind platform for measurement-based care, we are following evidence-based practices that have been advocated for by experts for many years. In fact, many other clinics do not follow these evidence-based practices. A large amount of research has shown that measurement-based care helps improve outcomes and provides a number of benefits to patients and clients. If you are interested to learn more, please read this whitepaper on measurement-based care.

Measurement based care improves your treatment

Measurement-based care improves your treatment

Many studies have shown that using patient-reported symptom rating scales improves how patients feel. Studies also show that patients like this approach since it gives you more control over your treatment journey, augments your communication with your provider, and makes your care more efficient.

The app helps us work together to track your progress and communicate

The app helps us work together to track your progress and communicate

The mobile app is a convenient way for you to access a number of features including journaling about your progress and communicating with our clinic. Together, we can make sure you are getting better!

Instructions from our clinic

By using this app, you will get more money back from your insurance for our treatments. It also helps us improve our treatment for you. It is important that you follow the app’s reminders and fill out periodic mood ratings, questionnaires, and journaling. This is how we would like you to use the Osmind mobile app:

  • Once a day, the app will ask you to fill in a mood rating. Please do so, and also journal about anything that may have affected your mood for the day. We go over the mood ratings and journal entries to optimize your treatment and ensure you are getting better.

  • Once every two weeks, the app will ask you to fill out a PHQ-9 depression questionnaire. Please follow those instructions.

  • If you feel better or worse because of anything that has happened or any thoughts you have, please add it into the journal. We read the journal entries so we can help address things that are bothering you and promote things that make you feel better.

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FAQs About The App

To get started, download the mobile app. On the iPhone, click this link to download the app (alternatively, search “Osmind” in the app store). For Android users, click this link to download the app (or search “Osmind” in the Google Play Store). After you download the app, make an account and connect it to our clinic during registration. The following video shows how to create an account.

The Osmind Community is a safe space for people with treatment-resistant depression and related mental health conditions to receive and provide support. It is a depression forum and depression chat with mutual support, positivity, and empathy. It is also for people who are interested in innovative treatments such as psychedelic medicine (including ketamine, esketamine, MDMA, psilocybin, and more) and neuromodulation. Members are all deeply valued and enrich one another’s lives as we pool together our strength, perspectives, experiences, and knowledge.

Our clinic has a private forum within the Osmind Community. Watch the video below to see how to access our private forum. We hope you will be active on it since we will be posting content and engaging with our clinic’s community members.

Yes! The platform is HIPAA-compliant, protected by end-to-end encryption, and research-grade (meaning parties such as the FDA trust the authenticity of our data). Our clinic and Osmind both uphold strict standards for safeguarding protected health information that meet or exceed legal requirements. Osmind works with independent third parties to verify its compliance and security.